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Hello! Welcome to psych_article! This community is for the posting of Psychology related article posting. All topics of study are welcome!

Discussion is wonderful and encouraged :)
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1) Only articles and studies here. No personal stories or therapy sessions, please. Questions about 'how to find...' and 'how to do...' and 'what should I take...' will be removed with a mod note. There are communities better suited for these posts.

2) Play nice. No personal attacks. One warning and then a ban, ok?

3) All posts should be open to the public. If you do mark a post as member's only please explain why.

4) Posts are unmoderated at the moment, so do try to take care to not double post. If someone does double post, there is no reason to be rude - on either side. Please delete these posts.

5) Please try to use existing tags and tag articles with the branch of psychology it's under :)

6) A source is required for every article.

7) All posts containing content related to: abuse, eating disorders, violence, sexual assault, self-harm, and suicide the entire contents of the post shall be placed fully behind a cut with the title as the cut text.
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