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Psychological Articles
Studies In Psych Fields
31st-Aug-2011 05:56 pm
Hello all!

In an effort to not completely spam your friend's lists with psych articles, if for some strange reason you wouldn't like that ;), I have created a tumblr for psych_article!


The tumblr is in the same layout of the community, but instead of the full text under the cut there is a short description and a link to the original article. The posts will be queued for the most part, so they won't clutter up your dashboard.

For those without a tumblr, an RSS feed is also available.

The community here won't be going away. I'll just hand pick 1-2 articles per day or so to be posted here while many more will be posted over on the tumblr.

Questions/Comments/Concerns please post below!

Have a wonderful day :)
ao no exorcist, learning, nerdy, studious!, Rin
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